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Well, there isn’t. Your are the complete opposite of being one-singular thing. In fact, you are extremely complex and unique.

You are non-conforming, creative, ambitious, and passionate.

But if there was one way to describe your current life situation, it would be whack.

Maybe your day-to-day seems boring and average so you feel like this:


Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and frustrated with school and work and feel more like this:


Instead, you would rather free yourself from the restricting responsibilities to work and school so that you can live life like this:


Or maybe you wish that you could monetize your hobbies so that you can have more time to relax and do this:


Whether you feel unfulfilled or are tired looking of searching for the answers to make your life easier and more fun… you’ve found yourself at the perfect place.

Since you’ve managed to find yourself here, something tells me that you are a self-starter with a creative spirit and an irresistible itch to live life on your own d*mn terms.

No matter where you are in your life journey, you know that building your online brand will help you find FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT.

You know, a life that looks more like this:

But you have no f*cking idea how to even get there.

Well, my friend, I have been there and I have done that.

This is what I believe about you:

  • I believe that you have this incessant voice in your head that won’t allow you to continue living a dull and unhappy life. This voice is actually the inherent trait that you have to be a high-achieving and life-slaying machine.

  • I believe you aspire to either travel the world, make money online, or simply turn your favorite pass-times into your main source of income because you know this is the only way to maximize your life’s fullest potential.

  • And I believe that you deserve to live a life of happiness, peace, and love, and I am determined to share with you all of the tools and resources to help you achieve all of that.


But who AM I?


My name is Roselle Caballes and I am DETERMINED to help young aspiring entrepreneurs - or as I like to say, Innovative Hustlers, unlock their fullest potential through personal branding, productivity, and positive psychology.

How Did I Get Here?

Well, the story of a young Rozaye (as I like to call myself) began when my parents first immigrated from the Philippines to the United States. They gave birth to - you guessed it - me, and they were determined to give me everything they never had - food, education, opportunities… etc.

But when college came, and I for some f*cking reason was still not happy while I was succeeding in the honors program and on my way to medical school… I fell into a deep depression. I stopped eating. I picked up toxic behaviors. My grades dropped. And an overwhelming amount of anxiety had taken over my life.

There was something about the normal, stable, and perfect life that my parents had helped lay out for me that just… wasn’t enough.

In desperate need of getting my sh*t together, I bought a planner and began using that you know, social media thing. Through my online branding and e-commerce, I was able to create a side hustle out of my HOBBIES AND OBSESSIONS, bullet journaling and freaking stationery. I know right? Crazy - and honestly, pretty f*cking random.

I was able to grow my Pinterest from zero to over 1.5 million monthly viewers and with that, a following that has been growing exponentially every single day.

Okay, but why do your Pinterest Monthly Viewers and Your Online Brand Thing Even Matter?

Uhm, hello! I was just a broke college student that lived in a dusty apartment.

I know what it’s like to

Stare out the window and wonder if there’s more to life

Turn over the couch just to find enough money to buy a Spicy McChicken

Drag yourself to class every day and wonder if this stupid textbook is even teaching you anything valuable and useful

Scroll through Instagram Influencers and wonder how tf 9-year-old girls make a living from slime videos but you have to work your butt off for a degree (aka an expensive piece of paper)???

At 22, I made a business, brand, and blog out of my hobby, and my Pinterest Monthly Viewers increased my store sessions from 0 a day to over 1k per day. While I don’t make $$$$ a month yet, I realized that I discovered a valuable tool to help you- yes, people like you - unlock a life of your dreams.

Who says you can’t make slime videos? Who says you can’t get paid to share makeup tutorials? And who said you can’t be a digital nomad?

My online branding transformed my life from mundane and trapped, to free and f*cking fantastic. I want to help you achieve the same.

Now, what about this Positivity and Productivity thing?

Let’s back-track to when I was depressed and sh*t.

As I said, I lost track of my life. My grades plummeted. I skipped class weeks at a time. And my bank account suffered.

I had one of those, look-yourself-in-the-mirror and ask-yourself-what-the-actual-f*ck-are-you-doing moments.

First, I knew the honors-program-Doctor-Roselle path was not making me happy, so I dropped out. I changed my major to the only thing I actually gave a f*ck about, Psychology & Communications, and I began to work on my d*mn self. In between lectures, counseling visits, and self-development books, I found Positive Psychology ( or as the kids call it, THE ART OF THRIVING ) and I realized that my fully realized, happy, and joyous life lied within this whole thriving concept.

Realizing that I was abandoning my career goals for the road less traveled, I knew that a fat salary check wasn’t waiting for me after graduation. Because of this, at 20 years old, I took on three-four jobs just to pay the bills. One of those jobs was selling planners online as an Instagram Influencer. Yhup, that’s how this whole online thing happened.

After selling as the top 3rd in the nation and receiving a nice check in my pocket, I realized it was time to invest - not just into my brand, but myself.

As a young entrepreneur, I am sure you have faced the struggles of judgment and fear. I had to learn how to shake off society’s perceptions of success and happiness. I had to de-institutionalize myself, and I had to learn how to thrive - my own way.

There could be no more hiding in my room when I was stressed. No more partying to numb the pain. And no more running away from my responsibilities.

No, I needed to learn how to have the energy to crush my goals.

I believe that my happiest self-lies within my most productive and free self - a self that loves myself, honors my purpose and goals, and maximizes my time efficiently every. single. day.

I want to help you do the same.

Welcome to the gang, Innovative Hustler.



Hi, I'm Roselle!

Pinterest Marketing Expert. Psych Nerd, Hip Hop Fan, and Bullet Journal Addict.

I help 20-somethings achieve a life of freedom and fulfillment by sharing positive living tips and wellness advice. Through honesty and unconventional story telling, my goal is to spread emotional awareness and change the mental health stigma so we can all become better f*cking people.




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